Frequently Asked Questions

A: Italian charms should preferably not been worn in water and definitely not in salt water or chlorinated pools. Italian Charms should be cared for in the same manner as you would look after any fashion jewellery items.
A: We are very pleased with our high quality Ceramic Charms. We stock a range of Country ceramic charm Flags. The manufacturing process for the ceramic (enamel) is for it to be crushed (not melted) and the crushing process then creates a natural sparkle background.
A: Yes, we most certainly do. In fact the idea of our Flat/Fixed postage is to allow you to buy in bulk and save money. We charge a single flat/fixed postage fee and you can buy as many items as you like (paid for in the one transaction).
A: Yes. Our 9mm charms, Superlinks, Key Chains & charm bracelets are all compatible with, and are made in a similar style to, Zoppini, Unodomani, Nomination, Mudd, Boxing, Disney and many others.
A: Photo Charms are our specialty. Our talented Design & Orders Department can create a 9mm Custom Made Photo charm from your image, photo or they can create a design for you with any wording. Please click on the link below

A: Yes, we most certainly do. And our extremely hard working staff are here to ensure your shopping experience with Stylish Charms is everything you expect it to be … and more. We enjoy communicating with our customers in a courteous and professional manner at all times.
A: We ship all Parcels via Australia Post. Within Australia postage can take from 2 to 6 work days depending on where you live in relation to Perth, WA [our offices].  And overseas parcels are required to go through Australian Customs (on departure) & the Customs department (on entry) into your country, so delivery can take up to 20 work days worldwide, except Canada which can take up to 40 work days.
A: Yes, we most certainly do.  Our site is set up to provide the best possible discount when buying multiple items of the same type (ie: letter charms etc.)
A: Yes, please do. We are happy to answer any of your queries, so please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. One of our Customer Service Representatives will respond to you within 24 hours.
A: There are 3 types of enamel charms. (1) Puffy enamel charms: The imprint of the design is stamped into the charm from the inside & then enamelled. (2) Glued enamel charm: Jewellery glue is used to secure the enamel design to the link. (3) Soldered enamel charm: The enamel design is soldered to the link.
A: Yes, we certainly do. We can ship your parcel via Australia Post in an Express Satchel – anyway within Australia or Globally. Please refer to our listings for the Express Delivery Postage costs which are additional and do not qualify for discount shipping.
A: There's no need for you to have to pay additional for insurance. It is our Company Policy to replace any items that are Lost In Transit at no charge to you including FREE OF CHARGE re-posting of your parcel. We have a sophisticated Tracking System in place and we are confident that the likelihood of your parcel being Lost In Transit is extremely low.
A: There are two types of laser charms. (1) There is the matte engraved laser charm, and; (2) There is what's called a RH (Red Heart) matte laser engraved charm (an engraved laser charm with a red enamel heart).
A: Sellers who list their items as 'Licensed' charms, when in fact they are not, are actually selling 'fakes' – so beware. However, if we state in our Listings that a Charm is "Licensed", then you can be assured it definitely is as we go to great lengths to obtain permission to purchase and sell charms under license (legally).
A: That's not a problem at all. We have tracking on all parcels, so if your PostPak hasn't arrived within 10 working days (maximum) … let us know and we'll find out where it is and let you know.
A: Our silver tone Italian Charms are made from 302L stainless steel.
A: Yes, you certainly can. You can purchase as many items as you like and pay for them in the one transaction – for the one flat / fixed postage charge.
A: Yes, we certainly do. We have sold thousands of items Worldwide. Where possible, we always try to include a FREE GIFT to suit our customer's country of origin too.
A: No, and we honestly do get this question quite often. These are Italian Charms, not Pandora Beads or European Beads. Each Italian Charm is linked to another Italian Charm. They cannot be clipped to a necklace chain, worn as a ring or clipped on as a broach.
A: We accept eWay (all major credit cards) and PayPal from International and Australian customers –or- Commonwealth Bank Deposit from Australian customers only. ( Our bank account details will appear in Checkout for those wishing to pay direct to our Commonwealth Bank Account ).

For anyone in Australia wanting to pay by bank deposit can you please include our bank deposit details – and this will require an email to be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. also
• Bank and Branch: Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Head Office Perth
• Account Name: Stylysh Pty Ltd
• BSB:   066-000
• Account:  1101-6277
• Please type in your Order Number or surname and first name in the reference area
A: A photo charm is created by an image being printed onto high quality photo paper. The image is then cut to fit into a 'blank' photo charm, secured in place with a metal/paper adhesive and then the photo is coated twice with a clear resin enamel. Photo charms should be given 5 days for the resin to form a hard protection barrier.
A: Yes, we most certainly do. We understand the importance of prompt delivery, so we make 3 trips to the Post Office every day and in most instances we post 'the same day of payment' (excludes weekends & public holidays when the Post Office is closed).
A: Sellers who state that their charms are of a superior quality to others selling the same charms–or- that the more you pay for your Italian Charms the better the quality - are unlikely to be buying in large quantities (MOQ minimum order quantities) of 500 per charm. We do buy in bulk, so we can sell for less.
A: No, Italian Charms are 'connected' to each other and there is no connection at the back of the charm to clip to a ring. Italian Charms are designed to connect to 'other' Italian Charms to create a bracelet.
A: The difference between the finish of the bracelets is how the stainless steel is treated. The Matte/Brushed finish does not have a reflection, whereas the Shiny/Polished does have a reflection. We stock Silver Tone Matte & Shiny Starters, all Gold Tone Matte & Shiny Starters and Silver Tone Trim with Gold Matte/Brushed Centre Starters.
A: We always aim to respond promptly. Our offices are located in Perth, Western Australia and within Australia there are a few hours time difference between states. For overseas customers, there may be many hours time difference between us .. But, we'll definitely contact you during our Office Hours which are: from 8am to 8pm, 7 days week.
A: Yes, we certainly do. We email you as soon as your parcel has been posted 'and' we also provide PayPal Tracking details (including the Customs Declaration barcode number for overseas parcels) via PayPal's email tracking system.
A: Yes, we most certainly do. We're proud of our products & we provide a 30 day from date of purchase 'Replacement Policy'. If an item is faulty or damaged in transit, we'll replace it Free of Charge within the 30 day Replacement Period. (Customers are NOT required to pay postage because we'll post a Warranty charm completely FREE OF CHARGE).


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